♥️ About Us

**Parents Are Human (parentsarehuman.com) is a bilingual connection card game designed to spark deep conversations between you and your loved ones.

Each deck contains 70 increasingly deep prompts, with two levels of difficulty, to inspire connection, compassion, and vulnerability.

Each card includes a question or action in English on the front and a translated language on the back to help bridge language, culture, and generational gaps.**

<aside> 💌 Dear friend,

For the last few years, the most important priority in my life has been healing the broken and distant relationship I had with my parents for over a decade.

I wanted to get to know my mom and dad before it was too late and co-created Parents Are Human to help others do the same.

We’re on a mission to help people around the world connect deeply with their parents and loved ones. We couldn’t be more excited for you to join us on our journey.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping bring families closer together.

With love, Joseph Lam


Table of Contents

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💬 Language Editions

We currently have 7 language editions available for sale:

  1. English Edition
  2. English + Simplified Chinese Edition
  3. English + Traditional Chinese Edition
  4. English + Vietnamese Edition
  5. English + Spanish Edition
  6. English + Korean Edition
  7. English + Filipino/Tagalog Edition




⬆️ All the countries we’ve shipped to!

🌳 Our Growth

We started at the beginning of 2020 and have already shipped to 35 countries worldwide, and received 2,000+ language requests.

We're now in bookstores, gift shops, and retail stores all around the United States, Canada, and Australia.


8 more languages coming in 2022:

  1. Japanese
  2. Hindi
  3. Arabic